It's 2015 so I'll update this page....
Let's check some random things about me to complete this page!

Age: Still Young
Favorite Color: Blue, Black
Afraid of: Flying Cockroaches :P (Same Fear as of 2015)
Hungry for: all kinds of food (Nothing has changed)

Wish I could: Live Forever

I am happy when: I listen to music and play my instruments and have food to eat :D
Surprises are: Still surprising :P
Frightened by: The call of my mom :P (Same fear as of 2015)
Cautious about: My Hair (especially now that I have a new hairstyle)
Books: Harry Potter or anything that involves paranormal stuff and any local books

I love: Eating and music
I am an: excellent English speaker (I still am)
I am a: Musician and a Programmer
I am annoyed when: The people around me are sad or frowning
I want to be: A Hero (Like Baymax maybe )

Promises are: kept, not broken (True)
I value: the people around me
I don't: force to do everything my way
I look up to: my parents
I can: speak very fast (Haha)

Life is: something worth living :P
Love is: A basic need
Weakness: Can't run fast
Motto: Start your day with a smile
Current Artists/Singer:  Johnny Depp and Robert Downy Jr.

I admire: people who can easily influence other people
Girls are:  not important for the mean time (But this was 3 years ago )
In my past life: I think i was a spider
Comedy or Horror: both
Summer or Winter: summer

Music Influences: Rock, especially classic rock
Wish I could: teleport to anywhere
Perfect Pizza: topped with every cheese you can think of
Favorite Drinks: Coke and Iced Tea
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Have you ever seen a shooting star:  Yes
Current Desktop Picture: Family Photo (Now it's anime)
Dream car: A Beetle
Weakness: Having not enough food
Current mood: Hungry (as always)

Today is: my first day in college (My finals exam. WTH am I doing here?)

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