Starting Anew

“Hello World!”

Finally I found the mood to write in this blog. It’s been 3 years since that last post of mine, My Ghad.

Anyways~ I’ll be sharing photos here and write stories about them. A picture paints a thousand words, right?  This will also still be my basin of thoughts as I deal with my last months as a college student (Yes, I’ll be graduating in a couple of months). And as the previous post says, I’ll be blogging to develop my writing potential. I really do love writing, just never found time for it.

With all that said, I officially revive this blog of mine. Starting today I’ll be posting random stuff in here, though I don’t promise it will be daily. So again, hang on with me guys!

Here’s a photo of my new hair to help celebrate the revival of this blog. LOLThat Hair though

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