Obviously everyone knows where I got my blog title.   It's a combination of my name and the popular photo sharing application.  I hope they would take it positively that my blog's look is inspired by them.

Anyway this blog won't be mere sharing of photos though I might dig from my family's trunk full of photos and use it here. This will be my basin of thoughts as I deal with my college life and as I walk my way through adulthood with the guidance of course of my mom who's a (great) blogger ;)

Actually, this is not my first blog.  I have blog before but I'm into so much school activities that in as much as I wanted to write, I always can't find the mood and the time to continue.  Now that I'm in college and considering the course I chose which is something related to computer, I know that blogging would help me a lot in my field and as my Mom always said, to develop my writing potential.

I will be discussing here more about my genre, my love for music and instruments. my college life and a bit about everything that could be helpful to anybody especially to my peers.  So hang on with me guys!