This marks the start of it all.

When I was in Grade 6, I joined this thing called the “Creative Writing Class.” It was an extra-curricular class for students who loved reading and writing. I always loved English so I told my mom about it and said that I wanted to join. Fortunately, she said yes even though we had to pay per session. Love you Ma! Mwah!

So long story short, I loved that class. I met new friends, met my first crush (hihi ^^), and I learned a lot. But the thing that I want to show you is something that was given to us at the “Graduation Ceremony” of that class. A bookmark, Yes, a bookmark.

IMG_20151014_070747“The only brave soul in the class – he would not hesitate to speak his mind, clarify a given writing tasks or assignment or share his opinions. And when I told them everybody speaks English in my class – he does and never fails (try talaga siya!) to do it.” – Ms. Beth


I love this bookmark. Ever since I got this, I have been using it for every book that I read, even until now. Seeing this reminds me of my love for reading, writing, and for that crush of mine, HAHA.  Hope I never lose this bookmark, it’s too sentimental…. and I don’t have any other bookmarks.

Wow, writing this first post made me realize something, I don’t know how to end a post, HAHAHA. Guess I’ll just end my posts with questions or postscripts. I don’t know. I’m new here. Bear with me guys.  -_-

P.S. That background is my mattress cover. Childish isn’t it? HAHA

Starting Anew

“Hello World!”

Finally I found the mood to write in this blog. It’s been 3 years since that last post of mine, My Ghad.

Anyways~ I’ll be sharing photos here and write stories about them. A picture paints a thousand words, right?  This will also still be my basin of thoughts as I deal with my last months as a college student (Yes, I’ll be graduating in a couple of months). And as the previous post says, I’ll be blogging to develop my writing potential. I really do love writing, just never found time for it.

With all that said, I officially revive this blog of mine. Starting today I’ll be posting random stuff in here, though I don’t promise it will be daily. So again, hang on with me guys!

Here’s a photo of my new hair to help celebrate the revival of this blog. LOLThat Hair though